January news.

Thank goodness for January. It feels so good for life to slow down and normalize after the holidays--I think especially this year since we are still kind of finding our normal. Simon started school last week and it has been so much better than I thought it would be. I was feeling like we just got him here and have been missing him for so long and I didn't want to let him go four days a week for three hours a day. Then he went and loved it and is still loving it. He wants to get his backpack on and wants to get in the car to go. When we get there he wants me to stay with him, which makes me happy, but when I tell him I have to go and I'll be back, he does okay. It's also the best to see him get really excited when he sees us after school, and I know school is going to be so good for him. We are just loving our Simon. 

The first day of Simon's school Georgia and I went to get the car registered and happened to notice a frozen yogurt stop near by that seemed like a much better place to wait than inside of Jiffy Lube. Georgia kept saying, "Hope Simon's doing great." and I think she meant it, but I think she was also having an awesome time alone with mom for the first time in a pretty long time.

We had some impressive snow drifts in our yard this year that have provided hours of out side time--for the kids playing and for Taylor and I shoveling. The biggest drift was in front of our garage door. The second biggest one was on top of our chicken coop and it was almost the end of our chickens. Taylor saved them like a real farmer would. They spent a couple days in the garage while we baled out their coop and are back to their happy, egg-laying selves now. 

So that's the news from us so far this January. A new big boy (who I can't show pictures of--boo) in preschool and deadly snow drifts. 


Scenes of Christmas vacation...

A lot of Monopoly--a Dad thing at our house. 

A lot of Lego's--this boy is working on his first set and  is very proud of his skills. 

And a lot of running around and bouncing off the walls--a little too much of that actually. 

One more week of no school and we're ready for it!


Merry Christmas! (we're back)

It has been so long since I posted that I almost don't know what to say. We are home! (seven weeks ago) Merry Christmas! (today) Life has been so busy and I am feeling like I'm just now processing some of the events of the past couple months and feeling in the mood to write about them. It has been a special, happy, hard, wonderful couple of months since we left for Hong Kong, and we are settling in and loving our little Simon. He is adventurous and brave and cheerful and very busy and adorable. He is a trooper and really tough and has done amazing at making the transition from Hong Kong to our home considering what a huge, life-altering transition that has been. We feel very complete and very busy and just really thankful that he is ours and that all of our kids are ours. I will post later about our trip to Hong Kong and Christmas and some of the in between, but right now here are some of my favorite pictures from 2014. I am feeling so thankful today, especially looking back over the past year--a lot has happened since last Christmas! (PS--we are still not supposed to post real pictures of Simon until the adoption is finalized, so I just found pictures of all of us where Simon was not looking at the camera. There happen to be lots of those, which is good in this case.)

We take up rock climbing. 

Georgia becomes potty trained. (that took almost the whole year)

Fun times

Practicing piano times

Play-alone times

We get chickens. 

We (Taylor) builds a club house. 

Taylor becomes a coach.

Taylor graduates

Naps together and time at the cabin.

A lot of waiting for Simon

Swimming and swimming lessons.


A big move. 

This beautiful girl is baptized. 

We finally travel! 

We meet Simon. 

We are so happy to be together! 

Merry, merry Christmas!!!!


Happy November!

Just some pictures of the fall leaves and a handsomely self-dressed Charlie. 
Happy November!



We are traveling!!! We heard last week that we had tentative dates to be in Hong Kong from November 3rd to the 8th and yesterday those dates were confirmed and we booked our flights to Hong Kong! Can you believe it? I think part of me has been having a hard time believing this was really going to happen, but it is! I am so happy and relieved. I feel like I have been holding my breath for the last year and a half and it is finally feeling very, very real. I slept so well last night for the first time in a while, just knowing that our trip was planned. We leave this coming Friday and will get there in time to have a day to rest and sight see and go to church before we meet Simon on Monday. I can't wait to see him and hold him and be his mom. Thank you for all the support and prayers and well wishes. We are feeling so excited and thankful and excited and really anxious. Six days until we are on our way!

In other news we threw ourselves a little Halloween party tonight since Taylor and I will be en route on the big day. The pictures of dinner are on Taylor's phone which probably means they will never make it onto the blog, but first we had pizza by spooky candle light with three ninjas and a princess-kitty. Second, we changed out of our costumes and into old T-shirts and carved these amazing pumpkins which we are very proud of. Now we are tired.

I ran so many errands today. My mind is kind of a constant buzz right now of things I want to do or remember before we leave, either to get us ready to meet Simon or to get the kids ready for a week without mom and dad. This is such an adventure and an exciting journey. I never imagined that we would do anything like this and I'm so thankful for this experience.

I will keep updating the blog, but won't be able to post pictures here of Simon until we finalize our adoption, which will be a few months after we get home. That's kind of rough. (just the rules for Hong Kong adoption) I am able to post pictures on a private group the I created on Facebook, so let me know if you are on Facebook and you'd like me to add you to that group!

Thanks for reading about our good news. Happy Halloween!


8 Year Old!

This girl is eight. (August 17th, so she's already pretty much got it down.) She got new roller blades for her birthday because she had already grown out of the ones she bought herself four months ago. She also got some pretty stellar presents from her brothers and sister, like a Magic 8 ball and panda bear earrings. To celebrate we had family over for cake and ice cream, and also went out to ice cream with Anna's good friend Alyssa.

What I want to remember about Anna from the past year....
  • She is so much fun to talk to--I'm so glad I have a girl to chat with!
  • She likes to tell me what she's thinking and surprises me with her profound thoughts about life. 
  • She is easy going, and I'm thankful for that over and over again when our family is going through changes or things get crazy.
  • She is funny and she works hard to be funny. She likes to laugh and make other people laugh.
  • She LOVES to tell stories and write stories.
  • She does a great job of helping me out in so many ways and has gotten especially good at helping Georgia and Charlie.
  • She helps take care of the chickens 
  • She makes delicious instant pudding and cheese quesadillas 
  • She loves her brothers and her sister and loved sharing a room with Georgia this past year.
  • She has been so anxious and excited to get baptized.
Happy Birthday Anna! We love you.