Help yourself

Take a look. I found the sink like this and I was happy to note that I have successfully taught at least one of my children not to double dip when helping themselves to spoonfuls (10) of peanut butter. Good job mom. Also the spoons are in the sink, not on the cupboard, or still in the peanut butter jar, or on the couch. We're growing up around this house and becoming responsible. And last, I love that a measuring cup was used by the peanut butter eater when he/she ran out of spoons. Mmmmmmm. 


While the boys were away...

While the boys were away, the girls played, and also really missed the boys. Last week, Taylor went with the scouts to do a high adventure camp at his parents cabin in Idaho and Grandma Sonja and Grandpa Kent invited our boys up to spend time with them while the scouts were there. Max and Charlie were thrilled and had a wonderful time and we missed them! It was so extremely quiet here.  

We (the girls) had to keep ourselves very busy so as not to get too sad and lonely, so we...

went shoe shopping

had a girls day with cousins and made festive 4th of July shoes

painted our own pottery at Color Me Mine

 painted some Yellowstone scenery on the boy's wall

and sunbathed. (well they sunbathed and played in the sprinklers and I mowed the lawn)

It was pretty much fun. I love my girls. I love my boys. I am glad we are now all back together, and can't wait for Simon to be with us. It feels like we are always missing one these days. 

Also, I'll have to post some pictures of the boys adventures too, cause they had such a special week with their grandma and grandpa. 


Independence Day

We celebrated this country that we love with a water fight, barbecue, and of course, fireworks. I love the Fourth of July. I forget to take pictures on the Fouth of July. I am always deliriously tired after fireworks on the Fourth of July. It is a big day, for example...

Wake up early cause we are excited.
Run errands and eat slushies in the car 
Wait around for the big water fight. 
Drive to Grandma Judy's and Grandpa Bob's and get really wet and have lots of fun.
Come home and pretend to take naps.
Get up and wait around for the barbecue.
Eat hot dogs. 
Wait around for the fire works.
Play with sparklers
Watch Taylor's firework show (impressive)
Walk to the park and watch our town's fireworks (also impressive) with lots of friends and lots of glow sticks 
We love glow sticks
Walk home with glow sticks
Hold a glow stick throwing contest in the back yard.
Go to bed with glow sticks.

Here are the pictures I did take of the kids playing with pop-its and sparklers on our driveway while we waited for it to get dark enough for the real fireworks. God bless America. 



Tough boy for getting three molars pulled at the dentist while watching Despicable Me 2. It was nasty--thank heavens for laughing gas. 

Tough, determined girl for learning to roller blade. First inside, then outside, and still sometimes inside, except not when she's setting the table. 



We really did get chickens. We were thinking about it one Friday night and then the next Saturday at noon we had a fully established chicken hangout in our backyard with four adorable chicks cheeping and probably scared for their lives. (as well they should have been) Our kids loved them almost to death, but now they are big and can usually run right away from Charlie, who is the most enthusiastic about chicken-catching. We think they are great. Oh, and we named them Snowflake, Snow White, Pidgie, and Roberta.


Summer in session

It's so summer. Parades and cotton candy and slip-n-slides and Daddy's shirts for pajamas. Let it never end. Except someday I need to clean my house again.

(This is the picture we text-ed Taylor when he was out of town and we were all wearing his clothes to bed.) 

Happy 4th of July tomorrow!!