Deep thoughts while folding laundry.

This morning I was putting aside clothes that I had noticed were getting too small for my growing kids and I was trying to think through who needs new what. There's a lot of growing out of clothes going on at our house. It made me think back to my middle school days. (Ug.) As an already insecure thirteen year old, I hit a significant growth spurt and it felt like in one summer I went from being an average size seventh grader to being as tall as my dad and definitely taller than every boy in my grade. It was awkward. Growing is awkward. It took me a while (like some painful teenage years) to get used to being tall and to feel comfortable and coordinated and beautiful. I felt out of sorts and down about myself and unhappy with who I was. It would have been better if I could have somehow celebrated the fact that I was tall and beautiful, accepted the change, and been patient with myself as it took time to fit into how I had grown. (that's a lot to expect from a thirteen year old though.) The funny thing is that this morning I was thinking back about those feelings and I realized, growing is still awkward. At least for me. I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately and somewhat uncoordinated at handling life, and I realized--I think I am experiencing an inner growth spurt. Life is changing, my family is changing, I am changing and growing. I am fitting into new roles and the roles I already fill are requiring different things of me. It happens over and over in life--change that causes us to grow. It's uncomfortable and sometimes painful, and when I'm feeling like my daily efforts are less than graceful, I feel down about myself. However, growing stronger and taller and more capable is a beautiful thing even though the process is not always. In conclusion, I have decided that I will try to learn from some of those teenage years and celebrate and accept and be patient with myself as I fit into how I have grown. Those are my deep thoughts from folding laundry. 

And here are some pictures of us. 

Yes, that's a potty chair she's sitting on, congratulations are in order. Four potty trained children. I thought it would never be. 


Cleaning up

All of the ways a certain 4 year old has so far this morning has tried to get out of picking up his toys in his room...

  • Saying his fish is sleeping and cleaning up will wake up the slumbering fish.
  • Accidentally locking his door and saying that he can't get into his room.
  • Covering his toys up with blankets.
  • Telling me he can't see very well today and it makes it too hard to clean his toys.
Good morning! Happy Spring Break! 


She's TWO!

Two years ago...
sweet baby

Georgia was all excited about having a birthday after watching Max and Charlie be the birthday boys recently. She told us that for her birthday she wanted "more babies". You can never have too many of those.

Here she is with her daddy and her new baby. 

And here she is opening her presents with lots of unsolicited help.

Playing with new birthday toys for her doll house.

Wearing a pretty new dress from Grandma Sonja and Grandpa Kent.

Things to remember about one-year-old Georgia...

  • This girl has a major sweet tooth and knows who to ask for treats--ie. uncle John or a grandpa. 
  • She loves all shoes and wants everyone to wear their shoes. 
  • She likes to pick her own outfit out.
  • She loves babies and loves to be a mommy to her many baby dolls--she rocks them and feeds them and makes sure they are all wearing hats or have bows in their hair. 
  • She loves to listen to stories and brings me books to read to her all day long. 
  • She is kind of a daddy's girl these days and she is good at calling him on the phone and breathing into the receiver. 
  • She does not like to be messy or eat things with her fingers--she likes forks and spoons. 
  • I love her cheesy smile, it makes me smile. 
  • She can HOLD HER OWN. She has two older brothers who have helped her develop some pretty serious defense mechanisms, like a very high pitched scream, and sneaky pinching skills. We're working on more friendly ways of dealing with not getting our way.
  • She hugs me and says "I love you" out of the blue sometimes and I have to restrain myself from accidentally squishing her because I love this girl so much. 

                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIA KATE!


Recently and not so recently

Georgia is becoming a talker! The other night I was hanging out on the couch with her reading books and I told her that I had to stop reading and go make dinner to which she responded, "NO!" So I told her "We won't have anything to eat if I don't go make dinner for us!" and she said, extra clearly with her mother look, "Yes. Ice Keem." She's got a lot of things figured out.

And also...
Last night we put Charlie to bed again, and a few minutes later he came rolling out of his room with his eyes closed. He rolled down the hall and into the kitchen, not answering me when I said "Charlie, what are you doing? Charlie? Charlie?" Then he stopped rolling, yawned and pretended to wake up, claiming that he fell out of bed and rolled into the kitchen so we couldn't be mad at him for getting out of bed again. Oh dear.

And also...
These pictures of last summer that I carefully selected from the 40,000 pictures that just got dumped on the computer from Taylor's phone.

A hike to Battle Creek Falls
 We got dirty.
 Daddy and Geo

 Grandpa Bob with his girls Georgia and Violet--named after his two grandmas, both of whom I was blessed to know in this life. 

Happy mommy and messy baby.

 Grandpa Bob and Max on the tandem bike.

Camping!!! We got dirty again.

 Riding a nice stranger's horse while camping!!


The Big Four-Year-Old Dinosaur Party

Charlie turned four! To celebrate we went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with some of Charlie's friends. It was super fun and successful--no one cried and we kept track of everyone (our own one-year old being the trickiest). After the Dinosaur museum we made it home all excited for cake and ice cream and presents. Whew! and hurray! and happy birthday Charlie Robert! 

What I want to remember about Charlie--
  • Charlie is such a protective, awesome big brother and takes good care of Georgia. He walked with her to nursery every Sunday at church last year and she was happy to go with him.  
  • Charlie is a fun little brother and is game for most of the plans that Anna and Max make. He has some awesome plans of his own as well.
  • Charlie is a deep thinker and he has all kinds of theories about all kinds of things. 
  • Charlie could really still use a nap everyday but it just never happens, so he falls asleep at dinner pretty regularly. 
  • Charlie uses about six band-aids a day.
  • Charlie loves to be funny and he loves, loves, loves to tease.
  • Charlie loves to play outside. He is the last one to come in from playing in the snow. 
  • Charlie is doing Talking Time (speech therapy) this year. His teachers are Miss Jenn and Miss Michelle and he will do anything for either of them. I probably would too cause you know how you feel about people who just really make your kids feel awesome. You love them. I'm so thankful for so many of those people in our lives. Anyway, Charlie is working hard and speaking more clearly and looking forward to Talking Time every week. 
  • Charlie is loving his ABC's and preschool. 
  • Charlie talks and laughs in his sleep.


Waffles for Valentine's

The Waffle Love truck was by the library today so me and the kids had a spontaneous little Valentine's date. Amazingly, it was warm enough that we  broke out the picnic blanket and ate our waffles outside in February--a Valentine's Waffle picnic. I took this picture to commemorate the occasion and I think it does a great job of that. I love these kids. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!