Busy Boy

Charlie has been such a busy boy lately. It's the kind of busy like where you take a jar of baking powder and just busily shake and shake. (See picture below) Or another example would be the other day when I went to get Charlie up from his "nap". I was sure he had fallen asleep because it was completely quiet for a whole hour, but when I opened his door he was standing in the the middle of his room and he looked all wet. Like ALL wet--his hair was glistening as if it were wet and his shirt and shorts were hanging limply, looking wet. When I touched him I realized--not wet . . . greasy. Greasy from Vaseline. Carpet greasy from Vaseline, doorknob very greasy from Vaseline, shoes very greasy, drawers greasy, toys greasy, walls greasy. The funny thing was after sitting in the bubble bath for a half an hour Charlie was still greasy--it was like he was waterproof. Then the next morning when I had almost forgotten about all the greasiness we scrubbed off everything, Max stepped in the bathtub to take a shower and slipped. Got up and slipped again. Greasy bathtub. Anyway, looking back I can see that it was a bad idea to keep the jar of Vaseline in Charlie's bedroom. Hindsight's 20/20.